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Asset Management

We are flexible and innovative in our approach, as we tailor an asset management program to suit your needs, helping you reduce risks and meeting all relevant regulations.

We maximize productivity by helping our clients maintain their facilities and equipment regularly. Our asset management services help in the maintenance of client’s assets to ensure productivity, reliability and safety thereby reducing risks and meeting all relevant regulations.

We have enshrined Asset Management principles and processes (Quality Control, Asset Inspection, Safety Compliance, etc.) as an integral part of our various services like engineering design and plant operation. Our asset management services are Asset Integrity, Operations & Maintenance and Facility Management

The services we provide are deployed for the integrity maintenance and management of

  • Offshore Platforms
  • Wellheads & Onshore Production Facilities
  • Tank farms & Terminals
  • Refineries and Petrochemicals
  • Pump stations
  • Gas Compression Facilities

With our extensive reach, we provide the experienced personnel and resources needed to achieve client’s inspection, engineering, data management and safety goals, wherever their assets are based.