We Succeed.

Our Environment

We place the highest value on excellence in all our operations, ensuring the safety and health of our workers, the protection of our host communities, our environment and our assets. We work strictly within the ambit of law, observe international best practices and work in tandem with our host communities to improve the environment. After all, when we put our environment first, we and all our interests prosper.

Preserving Our Environment

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Amazon Energy Limited is fully committed to maintaining the highest standards of occupational health, safety and protection of the environment in all its operations. Amazon Energy considers the safety of its personnel and assets along with the protection of the environment in which we operate, a top priority in achieving our goal of delivering projects and services of highest quality standard to its clients, partners and all stakeholders. We have built an impeccable safety record over the years having achieved 1 million man-hours without recording a Lost Time Injury. This enviable safety record was achievable due to adherence to the following HSE principles which guide all our operations:

Our HSE Guiding Principles

HSE is of equal importance to any and all other business activities.

HSE is a  line management responsibility

No activity shall be carried out unless it is considered safe

Safeguard the health and safety of all employees, contractors and third-party suppliers

Strive to minimize the impact of activities on the environment

Maintain good relationships with host communities

Strive to enhance security of life and equipment

Every job can be done safely and in an environmentally friendly way

Over the years, we have established an HSE management system that supports the execution of projects and all of our operations in a way that safeguards the lives of our people, protects our assets and those of our clients and minimizes impacts on the environment in the communities where we operate. We are fully committed to maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our host communities.

We have put HSE processes in place for the continuous identification and assessment of all hazards and risks associated with our operations. We have also developed policies to ensure that all our business operations are carried out in line with regulatory requirements and international best practices. These policies include:

  • HSE Policy
  • Quality Policy
  • Seat Belt Policy
  • Security Policy
  • Smoking Policy
  • Alcohol Policy
  • Community Affairs Policy
  • Under-Age Child Labour Policy
  • Gender Equality Policy
  • Business Ethics and Compliance Policy
  • Human Rights Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that the earth is our commonwealth and we demonstrate that through our corporate social responsibility outreaches to spread prosperity to our host communities.

Our Approach


We conduct our business responsibly and ethically


We protect our people and environment


We spread prosperity to our host communities through employment of locals and our outreaches

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Amazon Energy showing their support at the Arise Walk for Life

Amazon Energy Staff at Hearts of Gold Children’s Hospice

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